After Nathanial Younger’s no-good whore mother died, his outlaw father forced him into a life of crime at a tender age. Details of that time are sketchy to Nate. Maybe he has just blocked out those bad memories. People from his past have never mixed well with the life he gained after being adopted by the famed lawman Nolan Crosson.
Now a strange couple from the East Coast have interfered in his life not once, but twice. Do they really believe he is their nephew? This has to be a mistake.
Nate is frightened, and the timing cannot be worse—Ma sick with child, Pa and his deputy on the trails too many hours each day, hunting a ring of human traffickers, and several war parties of Cheyenne and Sioux spotted near Gray Rock. If the outsider judge rules against Nate and his family, he’ll make a run for it. He started his life over once before. He can do it again.

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