Western Promises

2021 Indie Book Awards Finalist

On the bloody trail of a cunning  enemy, an ex-confederate soldier, Nolan, a tracker leading the US Cavalry, is driven by revenge. He finds restoration in an unlikely friendship—the son of the man who murdered his family—a distraction that could get them all killed. And the lives of ten innocent women are also at stake.

I invite you to begin this frontier adventure today.

Book One of the Western Promises Series.


Laramie Western Fiction, First Place

Chanticleer International Book Awards, Best in Category

A cattle thief’s son. A famed lawman. Unlikely Partners. Despite their differences, a threat to kill the sheriff’s little boy; has materialized with a violent jailbreak, and now Jesse Adams finds himself learning a new profession. But the townsfolks will not accept him as one of their own.

I invite you to join the adventures of this frontier family.

Book Two of the Western Promises Series.


Book Three of the Award-Winning Western Promises Series.

After a family holiday goes wrong, a tug-of-war court battle ensues. Nathanial’s father has been shot—right  when he needs him most. But Nate Crosson will not honor the judge’s order. What he does next is risky, and he finds himself dead center in a war between the Cheyenne and Sioux Nations. But he’d rather die than be sent east.

I invite you to lose yourself in the frontier adventurers of the Crosson family.


Book Four of the Award-Winning Western Promises Series.

Fifteen thousand is the price on Nate Crosson’s head. Every outlaw, bounty hunter, and lawman between Wyoming and Missouri is hunting him. His only ally: a mangy wolf—a savage killer that could turn against him at any moment.

I invite you to come along on the frontier adventures of the Crosson family.


Book Five of the Award-Winning Western Promises Series.

Indians have brutally attacked the citizens of Gray Rock. Sheriff Crosson’s little boy is missing amidst the action,. his daughter has been kidnapped by the savages, and. an Indian woman’s dead body is found. Stolen guns have exchanged hands. And in the middle of it all, Nolan’s wife is about to give birth and his best friend foolishly tries to cross enemy lines.

I invite you to read Sons and Daughters, a tale of a frontier sheriff dealing with impossible odds.


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