Gold Country

Lowell Bishop returns to Calf’s Head, the mining town he considers home, and to the old man, a father figure to Lowell. He is intent on giving up bounty hunting for good, settle in and help the old man run the Calf’s Head saloon, and take a bride when the time comes.

That is until he witnesses the old man’s murder, and Lowell learns that a half a million dollars in gold bars has been stolen.

With the old man’s last few breaths, he makes Lowell swear to deliver a letter to a woman, named Rebecca, and his finial wish was for Lowell to get the kid, a young man, carrying a six-shooter and riding with the gang who had shot the old man, away from the trouble he’d gotten himself into. Who is the kid to the old man?

Can one man with a fast draw outwit an army?